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Valley High School

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Welcome to Valley High School

Paw LogoValley High School believes that all students will learn whatever it takes and demonstrate mastery in a climate of support and high expectations. The program emphasizes personal safety and growth, pro-social skill development, basic skills, integrated technology and standards based curriculum. The program views the community as a resource, staff as coaches and providers of support services and students as workers and learners.

Valley High School teachers and staff are dedicated to ensuring the academic success of every student and providing a safe and productive learning experience. As an alternative education high school, the entire staff understands the importance of identifying and meeting the needs of each student. The school has developed educational programs designed to provide the skills and tools necessary for students to explore their creativity while developing a strong educational base.

Bell Schedules

VHS Trimester Start and End Dates

First Trimester

1st Six Weeks 8/14 - 9/20

2nd Six Weeks 9/23 - 11/1

Second Trimester

1st Six Weeks 11/4 - 12/20

2nd Six Weeks 1/8 - 2/21

Third Trimester

1st Six Weeks 2/24 - 4/3

2nd Six Weeks 4/6 - 5/29

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